Build a Simple Bat Detector
Finding the Parts...

The following lists attempt to give sources for the critical parts used in building the Simple Bat Detector. The lists are organized by country and include web sites, mailing addresses, and phone numbers for various electronics parts sources. This information often becomes out-dated, as it depends on correspondents that have helped me compile the lists ... and things change. If anyone has corrections or additions for these or other countries, your fellow countrymen will appreciate it ! Send me an email at:

Generally Available Parts

These parts are generally available at any well stocked electronics part supplier...

Essential Parts List for Australia

Electronics Parts Sources in Australia

Essential Parts List for Canada

Electronics Parts Sources in Canada

If you are in Japan, and wish to build a bat detector...

You may wish to contact: Hisafumi Tateno , who is dedicated to teaching children about the bat, as well as other environmental and ecological topics.We have been corresponding in an effort to identify locally available parts to build the Simple Bat Detector. He is happy to share ideas and enthusiasm ... you can reach him by email at:

If you are in the United Kingdom, and wish to build a bat detector...

Lee Rogers has circuit boards for Simple Bat Detector builders in the UK !!
To purchase one, email him at:

Here is a PDF parts list of components that can be ordered from Rapid Online Electronics...


Essential Parts List for the United States

( See Complete Parts List ... )


Electronics Parts Sources in the United States

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