The WiFiBat - A Remote Logger
A new project to start out 2019 !!

Here is a version of the WiFiBat that requires a lot less prototype wiring. This compact module ( left ) uses a commercialy produced ESP8266 board ( right ) that has the footprint and connector layout that is modeled after the Arduino UNO. And there are Arduino IDE resources available to make it easier to program with the Arduino IDE.

The board configuration I used in the IDE for this board was WeMos D1 R1, 80MHz

Since the ESP8266 is basically a 3 volt device, there are a couple of minor mods that need to be done to the ArduBat board to make it fully compatible with this board...

One of the 10K resistors on the ArduBat board needs to be changed to a 5K resistor. The affected resistor is circled in yellow to the left ( click on the image to see it enlarged ). This reduces the 5 volt bat pulses to 3 volts for the ESP8266.

The LED resistors in my kits are usually 680 ohms. You don't want any higher value. You might actually want to go to 470 ohms if you want brighter LEDs ... but that is totally optional.

To the right you can see that I have added 15K resistors across the 2 user pushbutton switches. This drops the button voltages from 5 to 3 volts. The reset button does not require such a resistor.

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